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Zortrax 3D Printer: Z-PETG

  • Product code: 3DPO-7

Materials are resistant to salt, acid and alkali, excellent for 3D printing mechanical parts in contact with chemicals. Z-PETG is durable material, suitable for all product requirements.


  • In 3D the parts need to be resistant to salt, acid or alkali
  • In 3D computer parts
  • 3D printing needs grease and oil
  • Print 3D prototype packaging products
  • In 3D prototype mechanical details
Price: < 100 $
5/5 (1 vote)


  • Optimized to use the same nozzle is cool as well as Hotend V2
  • Surface: Ball
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Elasticity: high
  • Load-bearing capacity: Medium
  • Tensile strength: high
  • Shrinkage: Very low
  • Ability to allow mechanical processing: Yes
  • Ability to process chemicals: None
  • Corrosion resistance: salt, acid, alkali
  • Weight: 800 g (+/- 5%)

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