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Bể rửa mẫu sau in 3d

The new Air Wash L is designed to operate twenty-four-hours a day, and is ideal for supporting large-scale production. Its air agitation system cleans rapidly, with efficient and meticulous results when used in collaboration with our Photocentric resin cleaner. Air Wash L with the LC Opus bracket optimises post-processing for LC Opus, as the bespoke design accommodates an two entire platforms and prints to sit comfortably inside.

Technical Specifications

Printer Compatibility:

LC Opus


990.5 (H) x 400 (D) x 620 (W) mm


90 litre (20 gallons)

Power Supply:

30 x 40kHz t 110v or 220v

Air Flow:

40 lt per minute @140 Mbar (2.3 psi)


56 kgs (124 lbs)

Bracket to support platform included with the unit.

1 Year Warranty

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