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Scan 3d, measure 3D turbine blades of Hoa Binh Thermal Power Plant,

When you need to enter the cramped space tunnel of thermoelectric chambers deep in the ground to sample, measure, 3D scan, check and evaluate the status of huge turbine blades measuring up to 3 x 3 in length. m and the surrounding space is tight,

When the profiles, cross-sections and surfaces of the turbine blades are similar to those in the jet engine turbines, which require high accuracy, the construction should be enlisted quickly when the plant is idle.

The solution of the advanced handheld 3D scanner technology model from Handyreacan from Creaform is the most optimal,

Low investment cost, cheap 3D scanning service, the most accurate data quality with the world's most advanced laser technology,

Here are some pictures we constructed 3D scanning 18 static turbine blades at Hoa Binh Thermal Power Plant:

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