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chụp ảnh 3D đại tướng Trà

3D photo processing General Pham Van Tra, former Minister of Defense of Vietnam to create the image file on the computer used as historical data or manipulate the statue for posterity.

scan 3d người

The result of high-grade stone sculpture

tạc đá cao cấp

Physicians General Pham Van Tra  (born  19 month 8  year  1935 ) is a politician  Vietnam ,  Hero of the People's Armed Forces  Vietnam , he carries the rank of  General  and former  Minister  of National Defense of Vietnam  from year  1997  to the year  2006 ,  chief of staff of the Vietnam people's Army  ( 1995  -  1997 ), member of  the Politburo  session VIII ,  IX .


Biography [ edit  | edit source ]

He is from Phu Lang Commune  , Que Vo District  ,  Bac Ninh Province .

In 1953, he joined the People's Army of Vietnam at the age of 18, serving as an information officer. In 1964, he was one of the commanders of the first reinforcements for the U Minh battlefield. In 1964 until the end of the war, he was an officer of  the South Vietnamese Liberation Army  of the armed forces of the West.

In  1973 , he was Regimental Commander of the 1st Regiment of Military Zone 9, under  Colonel  Le Duc Anh .

From December  1975  to  1977 , he was in charge of the 4th Division Chief of Staff, then Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the 330th Division,  Military Zone 9 .

Since September  1978 , he has been studying at  the Military Academy . In August  1980 , he was commander of the 330th Division Division, in  Cambodia . In March  1983 , he was deputy commander of the 979th Front.

From  1985  to  1988 , he was Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Military Region 9. He was promoted to deputy commander of  Military Region 3 in June  1988 .

From  1989  to  1993 , he served as Commander of the Military Region 3. In December  1993 , he was appointed deputy chief of staff; From December  1995 , he was Deputy Minister of Defense,  Chief of General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army ,  Lieutenant General . In December  1997 , he was assigned to the post of Minister of Defense replacing  Doan Khue  . [first]

He was a Member  of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam  (VII) (1991-1996). [2]

He was Member of the Politburo of the Party Central Committee (1996-2001), Course IX (2001-2006) [3] ,  National Assembly Member of  the 9th, 10th, 11th. [4]

Day  28 month 6  year  2006  he was the National Assembly dismiss the Minister of Defense. [5]

He was promoted to  Lieutenant General  in  1999 ,  General  in  2003 .

Conferred [ Edit  | edit source ]

He was  the State of Vietnam  awarded the  Order of Ho Chi Minh ,  military medal  , first class;  Second and Third Grade Victory Order . [4]

  • First Medallion Medal - High Order of the Lao Party and State   (2 March 2005). [6]
  • 50 years old badge party Communist Party of Vietnam (2006) [7] , 55-year Party (2012). [8]

Discipline [ edit  | edit source ]

The 8th meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (VIIIth Congress) was held in Hanoi from 13 March to 24 March 2001; Disciplinary decisions  Reprimand  on management responsibility for  Pham Van Tra  Committee Politburo member, Secretary of Defense (Quote Resolution VIII.11.2 TU). [9]

History rank ordained [ Edit  | edit source ]

Year of ordination 1995 1999 2003
Rank Vietnam People's Army Lieutenant General.jpg Vietnam People's Army Colonel General.jpg Vietnam People's Army General.jpg
Rank Lieutenant-General Upper Minister General

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