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3D Creaform VXinspect software

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Software support 3D Creaform VXinspect
General introduction
VXinspect ™ is a powerful and intuitive 3D testing software designed for manufacturing companies that need to carry out detailed inspection (FAI) reporting or quality control. Directly integrated into Creaform's platform software and application suite VXelements ™, VXinspect is the simplest integration of probing and scanning capabilities.

The combination of Creaform technology with VXinspect provides the ideal solution for quality control in factory conditions. The software is equipped with all the functions required for pre-production control or for setting up a high performance measurement chain to test many details. With an intuitive interface, this is the best solution for all high accuracy testing tasks in quality and size measurement and tolerances (GD & T).

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Features and benefits

VXinspect fully integrates Creaform's technology to optimize its use. thiết bị đo khoảng cách tự động

  • Import CAD files

VXinspect supports importing CAD files into IGES, STEP formats, which allows for direct comparison of CAD dimensions to easily identify defects of specimens.

  • Multi-point measurement mode

VXinspect is the first software to seamlessly integrate both touch probe and non-contact measurement into a unified and intuitive interface.

Tools available: Spot Scan | Import the grid file

  • Positioning the origin

Before starting the process of checking the size, position and direction of objects in space is extremely important. This ensures more accurate results from the data obtained to the final inspection report.

Available tools: Object Selection | Best match Target data

Geometric tolerances and tolerances (GD & T)
VXinspect's sophisticated algorithms and calculation methods provide the ability to apply the GD & T principle and apply it to testing, as well as ease of use with non-GD & T testers.

Available tools: tolerance, shape and direction Slope tolerance and positioning The Reference Data System (DRF) builds on a geometric counterpart ...

Simple and powerful scanning and scanning process with VXinspect

  • Pre-production

Every production startup has different process issues. In some cases, adjustments need to be made in advance to fully control the production process. When solving the problem, the user of the 3-D measurement method should take measures to quickly compare the measured object and the design. VXinspect provides the simplest way to do this.

Process: Import STEP / IEGS file => Detect and scan method available => Compare specimen and CAD file => Error analysis.


thiết bị đo khoảng cách tphcm

  • After production

Once the production process is under control, the detailed inspection report (FAI) and product approval process (PPAP) need to be implemented. VXinspect is the ideal tool to simplify the building process of testing. It can also be used to control the sizes in different steps of the production process. Users can repeatedly repeat a measurement to track the formation of a particular department and prevent future problems.

Process: Import STEP / IEGS file => Easy and intuitive flow control => High accuracy measurement with GD & T module => Detailed test report (FAI) - Process validation Product Review (PPAP) - Output to excel