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Dịch vụ scan 3d đế giày

Dịch vụ scan 3d đế giày

scan 3d khuôn dép

Shoe sole is a product of consumer goods,

The amount of production required is enormous, and the product needs to be aesthetic, comfortable for the user,

Manufacturing technology is mainly molded, so 3D design 1 pair of shoes at first thought quite easy but if not the technology people will design the wrong product,

Sometimes people who already know 3d scans may be wrong,

What is the problem? It is Scan 3D y samples and note the correct angle of the mold release when the core of the mold,

Today, the market has created a sector called the shoe industry,

scan 3d đế dép

This is also a strong export sector of Vietnam,

These factors make the design role more decisive than the competition in speed, quality than ever before,

The 3D scan combined with 3D modeling (in 3D) is the ultimate solution for shoe manufacturing



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