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The 3D scanning service for the Lam Ha Monument

The 3D scanning service for the Lam Ha Monument

The 10 Lam Ha Girls Monument is an important symbol in Vietnam's history, representing the courage and unity of the 10 Lam Ha girls during the war against the United States. With 3D Master, let's find out where the 10 Lam Ha Girls Monument is located, the history of worshiping the 10 Lam Ha girls, and how 3D Master has applied 3D scanning services to the monument.

Where is the 10 Lam Ha Girls Monument?

The 10 Lam Ha Girls Monument is located in the Lam Ha Temple complex, in Dinh Trang neighborhood, Lam Ha Ward, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam Province. The monument complex was constructed starting in 2009 and includes the Provincial Martyrs' Temple, the Temple of the 10 Lam Ha anti-aircraft civilian girls, and the memorial house of comrade Luong Khanh Thien.


History of worshipping the 10 Lam Ha Girls Monument

The Temple of the 10 Lam Ha civilian girls is a place of remembrance and worship of the heroic 10 female anti-aircraft civilians in Lam Ha commune, Ha Nam. These female anti-aircraft civilians sacrificed their lives in fierce battles against the American air attacks during the war.

The names of the female anti-aircraft civilians are Dinh Thi Tam, Phan Thi Tuyet, Nguyen Thi Thu, Nguyen Thi Thi, Pham Thi Lan, Vu Thi Phuong, Nguyen Thi Thuan, Tran Thi Thep, Nguyen Thi Oanh, and Dang Thi Chung. They fought with bravery and selflessness to protect their homeland. They showed remarkable courage and sacrifice.


The Temple of the 10 Lam Ha civilian girls is a unique historical relic that honors and commemorates the contributions of these brave women. It is an important site for visitors and local residents to recall and understand the intense years of struggle by the military and civilians of Ha Nam Province.

In August 2016, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued a document recognizing the Lam Ha anti-aircraft battlefield site as a national-level historical relic. The Lam Ha Temple complex is not only a place to commemorate the martyrs but also a place for visitors to reflect on the intense fighting days of the military and civilians in Ha Nam Province.

3D scanning services for the 10 Lam Ha Girls Monument by 3D Master

3D Master Co., Ltd. was selected as the contractor to carry out 3D scanning services for the 10 Lam Ha Girls Monument. The project was completed within 4 days in April 2021 and April 2022. During the implementation, the company utilized modern technology solutions such as the handheld 3D laser scanner model HandySCAN Black Elite and F6 smart.


The project requirements included achieving high accuracy for material calculations and CNC engraving on stone, while ensuring cost savings for the maintenance and upkeep of the monument due to weathering. The company successfully completed the task and received high praise from the investor for its adaptability and deep expertise in 3D technology.

The 3D scanning service provided by 3D Master Co., Ltd. played an important role in reproducing and preserving the cultural heritage, such as the 10 Lam Ha Girls Monument. The 3D scanning technologies helped determine and preserve the accurate details of the monument, supporting material calculations and processing, as well as producing an accurate completion report for the project.

3D-Master's 3D-scanning-service-for-the-10-Lam-Ha-Girls-monument

3D Master is honored to contribute to the recognition of the nation's heroes. With modern 3D printing technologies, we are confident that we can contribute to the development of technology in the future.


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