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3D Trainnning Services

3D Trainnning Services

Training Objectives
After the course, students are able to use the software to design 3D models from
simple to complex, design molds, create 2D technical drawings. Assemble machine parts with
together or a cluster of parts together to form a machine or machine structure…
main content
1. Software overview Software
Software interface, main functions of toolbars…
 Function to use Mouse
Utility when using Mouse
 Some commonly used shortcuts
2. Learn the Curve . drawing environment
Introduce commands on the System Bar: New/open, Delete, Undo, point...
 Commands to display, change the design view
 2D drawing commands: Create Contuor, Line, Create Circle, Rectangle, Sketch line, etc.
Object editing commands: Chamfer, Fillet, Merge, Trim, Cut, ...
 Dimensions in Curve
3. Learn the sketch environment
Drawing commands in the Sketch menu: Start Sketch, Create contuor, Line, End Sketch...
 Object editing commands in Sketch environment: Fillet, Trim, Chamfer, Cut...
 Dimensions in Sketch
4. Create a reference plane
Current coordinate system (Current coodinate system)
Coodinate system of reference. Methods to create coordinate systems (Qua
one point, three points, through two intersecting lines....)
5. Solid model design
 Blocking commands: Create extruded shape, Revolved, Pipe,
Block operations commands: Drill, Trim, Chamfer, Fillet, Draft, Shell, Hole, Boss,
Groove, Thread, Slot, Remove, Make solid/surface,…
Object association commands: Subtract, Unite...
Basic block creation commands: Block, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere
 Object multiplication commands: Copy Operation, Propagate Operation
 Dimensions in 3D environment: 3D Dimension
6. Advanced Modeling – Surface
Surface creation commands: Sweep, Loft, Ruled, 3-4curve, Patchwork, Dome, Constrained,
Surface editing commands: Flat, Blend, Tangent, Perpendicular, Copy face...
Surface manipulation commands: Fill hole, Extend, Smooth, Adjust Continuity,...
7. Object Properties Commands
Physical properties, display commands, etc.
 Manage objects in the design…
8. Create assembly drawings
 Definition of fitting in the assembly drawing: Attributes of the fitting such as: Material,
Material colors, names…
 Create geometric constraints for assemblies
 Create welds
 Insert standard details (Include standard) such as Bolts, Screws…
9. Create technical drawings
 Set up standard drawings
 Bring 3D objects into drawings, create basic projections
 Create dimensions, sections, sections, etc.
10. Kinetic simulation, structural dynamics, finite element analysis
11. Mold Design
 Mold design steps
 Detailed analysis
 Create parting lines
 Creating parting faces
 Mold and core
 Basic mold design
 Product push system
 Plastic channel
 Plastic conduit
 Mold cooling system
12. Check
(Total time of CAD&Mold training program: 20 sessions)

Training Objectives
After the course, students are able to use the software proficiently to program the machine
CNC from 2 axis to 4/5 axis machines as well as milling or milling centers
Complex convenience with details from simple to complex. Applied to manufacturing, mold production
Main training content
1. General introduction
 Software features.
 Graphical interface.
2. Program setting commands
Select a machining machine (Select machine).
Declare the position of the tool in the tool store.
 Declaring the workpiece, defining the workpiece benchmark, the workpiece placement commands...
3. 2D . milling machining commands
Task analysis: Topologic.
 Analysis of the hole system: Hole analysis.
Cylinder analysis: Cylinder analysis.
 Drilling, boring, reaming operations...
 2D contuor milling, surface milling (facing), pocket milling (Pocketing), cavity system (Multi
 Normal groove milling (Grooving), T-groove (Tslot), chamfering (Chamfering), cornering
4. 3D . milling machining commands
Rough machining methods: Roughing, Re-Roughing, Undercut Roughing, Plunge
Finishing methods: Finish operations, Super finishing, Planar faces
machining, Undercut Zlevel, Radian parallel plane…
 Optimization of the machining program.
5. 4/5 axis milling machining commands
 Machining commands on 4/5 axis milling machines such as: Facing, pocketing, Open pocketing,
Contouring, Grooving…
 Drilling on machine 4/5 axis: 5 Axis drilling.
6. Turning commands
Task analysis tool: Topologic.
 Head turning, outer roughing: Roughing, Pluge roughing.
External finishing: Finishing, Contuoring.
 Groove, Thread, Parting off.
 Internal turning machining commands: Rough turning, drilling holes, reaming, internal thread turning...
7. Program simulation commands
 Calculation of machining time.
Toolpath simulation.
 Simulate machine operation.
Simulate the process of cutting materials when machining.

8. Port of NC program, Introduction to the meaning of Gcode tool codes, auxiliary instructions
support M,…
9. Programming for wire cutting machine (Wire EDM)
General introduction: Graphical interface, software features.
 Select the processing machine, set the workpiece, declare the standard point, threading point...
 Cut contuor 2D, 3D.
 Simulation of the machining process.
 Port of NC program.
10. Check the CAM program
(Total time of CAM training program: 17 sessions)

1. CNC machines and CNC machining
Regulations on safety when using and operating CNC machines
 CNC machine control functions
 Method of placing the workpiece, checking and setting the coordinate system of the program
 Setting method of tool diameter compensation, tool length compensation, automatic tool change
How to set control parameters in CNC machine
 Modes of maintenance and maintenance of CNC machines
2. Connect the computer to the CNC machining machine
 Transfer program data from computer to CNC machine
 Check the machining program
 Practice machining directly on CNC milling and turning machines according to actual products.
Acceptance of products including products on CNC milling and turning machines, ensuring requirements
(Total time of CNC training program: 7 sessions)

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