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3DP  3D Printing: Fast 3D-3D Printing Technology

ABS  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene: 3D printing material is ABS plastic 

AM  Additive Manufacturing: Manufacturing industry

CAD / CAM  Computer-aided design / Computer-aided manufacturing: 3D design technology and machined programming for CNC automatic machines with computer support.

CAE  Computer-aided engineering: finite element analysis technology with computer support

DLP  Digital Light Processing: 3D Printing Technology DLP

DMD  Direct Metal Deposition: 3D DMD printing technology

DMLS  Direct Metal Laser Sintering: DMLS 3D Printing Technology

EBM  Electron Beam Melting: 3D EMB Printing Technology

EVA  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

FDM  Fused Deposition Modeling (Trademark of Stratasys): 3D Printing Technology - FDM

FFF  Freeform Fabrication: 3D Printing Technology FFF

LENS  Laser Net-Shaping (Trademark of SNL, licensed to Optomec): 

LS  Laser Sintering: 3D LS Printing Technology

PLA  Polylactic Acid: 3D plastic non-toxic PLA

RE  Reverse Engineering: Reverse Engineering Technology

RM  Rapid Manufacturing

RP  Rapid Prototyping: Fast prototyping technology

RT  Rapid Tooling

SL  Stereolithography: 3D Printing Technology SL

SLA  Stereolithography Apparatus (Registered Trademark of 3D Systems): 3D Printing Technology SLA

SLM  Selective Laser Melting: 3D SLM printing technology

SLS  Selective Laser Sintering (3D Trader): SLS 3D Printing Technology

STL / .stl  Lithographic Stereo: 1 in many file formats Scan 3d and also the file format into 3D printer

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