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Supplying 3D scanners at LG VN

Supplying 3D scanners at LG VN

In the era of modern industry, the continuous evolution of technology has opened new doors for creativity and efficiency in production. With the rapid growth of the industry, ensuring the quality and accuracy of products becomes an ongoing challenge. In this context, 3D inspection solutions have become a decisive factor in the success of many businesses. Let's explore how 3D Master, a reliable partner, has supported enterprises like LG Vietnam in achieving high-quality standards and meeting the diverse challenges of the current market.

Formation History of LG Vietnam 


LG Electronics Vietnam


In 1996, a new chapter began with the establishment of LG Electronics Vietnam, a wholly foreign-invested company. With dedication and commitment, they embarked on a journey to deliver high-quality electronic and home appliances to the Vietnamese market. From the early days, LG Vietnam quickly progressed, building a strong reputation and becoming a driving force for the development of the electronic industry in the country. Through each stage, they not only became a leading manufacturer but also an icon of innovation and commitment to quality.

LG Vietnam's Operations in Which Fields? 


Industries of LG Vietnam


The company specializes in 12 categories of electronic and home appliances, ranging from air conditioning to sound systems, TVs, computer monitors, and washing machines. LG Vietnam holds a significant market share in various product categories, especially in air conditioning and sound systems, where they lead the market.

What 3D Inspection Solution Does LG Vietnam Need? 



Faced with increasing challenges in ensuring product quality, LG Vietnam set forth a highly demanding requirement: a comprehensive 3D inspection solution for their plastic products and molds, one that is fast and accurate. This need is not only about quality but also a crucial step in maintaining a leading position in the market. To meet this requirement, LG Vietnam turned to a reliable partner, 3D Master.

3D Master Provides a 3D Inspection Solution for LG Vietnam



In the relentless pursuit of improving product quality, 3D Master has proven itself as a trustworthy partner for LG Vietnam. By offering a premium 3D solution that meets all the requirements of LG Vietnam, seamlessly integrating 3D scanning systems and the MetraScan Black Elite with CMM 3D probe model, 3D Master has not only helped LG Vietnam achieve high accuracy but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the 3D inspection process.

Notably, 3D Master continuously demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development, successfully implementing online technology transfer training with LG Vietnam for five consecutive days. This is a significant step, especially in the challenging context of the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing the flexibility and professionalism of 3D Master in assisting its partners in overcoming any challenges.


LG Electronics Vietnam is not only a leading enterprise in electronic and home appliance products but also a reliable and pioneering partner in the application of modern 3D inspection technology. For them, quality and innovation are not just slogans but an unwavering commitment to Vietnamese and global customers alike.



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Contact Details:

Website: https://3dmaster.com.vn
Hotline/Zalo/LINE/Telegram/WhatsApp/Viber/Kakaotalk: +84 982 089 198 | 0986333960
Email: cuong3dmaster@gmail.com | hung3dmaster@gmail.com | tech3dmaster@gmail.com

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