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Supply 3D scanner at Daikin Vietnam

Supply 3D scanner at Daikin Vietnam

In today's industrial landscape, precision and performance play a crucial role in enhancing product and service quality. To meet these stringent requirements, Daikin Vietnam has turned to 3D Master, a reliable partner in 3D scanning technology. Let's explore the solutions 3D Master has offered to address Daikin Vietnam's needs.

Daikin Vietnam's Background 

Daikin Viet Nam

Daikin Vietnam traces its roots back to the Viet Kim Joint Stock Company, established in 1995. After becoming an official member of the Daikin Group in October 2008, Daikin Vietnam has emerged as a trustworthy partner in the air conditioning sector in Vietnam.

Daikin Vietnam's Operations 

Maintenance Services at Daikin Vietnam
Maintenance Services at Daikin Vietnam

Daikin Vietnam is not just the official distributor of Daikin air conditioning products but also emphasizes providing post-sales services. From technical consultations to warranty and maintenance services, Daikin Vietnam, with an extensive distribution network, is committed to meeting customer needs throughout Vietnam.

3D Master Provides 3D Scanning Solutions for Daikin Vietnam 

In the relentless pursuit of improving product quality, Daikin Vietnam collaborates closely with 3D Master, a leading provider of 3D scanning solutions. 3D Master has supplied and transferred the technology of the HandySCAN Black Elite 3D scanning model with Polyworks 3D software at Daikin Vietnam. This solution helps Daikin Vietnam tightly control the manufacturing process, ensuring accuracy in every detail during the 3D scanning of their products.

How is the 3D Master's 3D Scanner Evaluated? 

The HandySCAN Black Elite 3D scanner from 3D Master receives high praise for its precision and performance. It's not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution that assists Daikin Vietnam in enhancing management capabilities and achieving excellence in the production of quality products.

With the support of 3D Master, Daikin Vietnam continues to lead in the air conditioning industry, demonstrating its commitment to quality and innovation. This partnership is not just a collaboration between two entities but also a significant step forward in elevating the manufacturing industry in Vietnam to new heights.



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