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Services of 3D photo and 3D photo print and Vietnamese star

Services of 3D photo and 3D photo print and Vietnamese star

3D imaging and 3D printing services Germany:

Products from the service of 3D photography, print 3D photos, save human moments:

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ảnh 3d đội bóng

3D photo and 3D printing celebrities, celebrities:

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in 3d màu tập thể

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in 3d màu người

In Vietnam, 3D MASTER captures the great moments of life with holographic photography. We use a variety of cameras and processing software installed on the computer to create a 3D model from 2D images. These models can be printed on a 3D printer or imported into any virtual environment, such as an online avatar or virtual reality space. 3D MASTER can make a 3D copy of anyone or anything. We always have the most comprehensive quality methods to provide our customers with the best quality 3D products.

Currently we focus on some 3D technology products such as setting up Studio3D system installation and service. 
Most of us think of celebrities or game characters when we hear 'digitized'. 
But with the widespread use of 3D printers, anyone can be a model and create an image of themselves.

With advances in science and technology, people are now able to create and retrieve 3D (3D) images of themselves and their loved ones. 
With just one photo, where more than 100 friendly cameras are installed, the program completes the scanning of the model from every angle. 
After combining all 3D data processing and 3D photo printing 3D printing this data by stacking up about 1,000 layers of thin plaster powder, stone powder ... and spraying ink onto the surface. 
The size of the drawings can vary from a small 5 centimeters to a few tens of centimeters. 
Due to the simplicity and relatively affordable price, the popularity of creating these 3D data is increasing in Vietnam and in the world.

This latest technology is expected to act as a new type of record that can reflect and remind people of the precious moments they want to cherish.



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