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Digitizing service of exhaust pipe for motorbike

Service firebike exhaust pipe exhaust

Motorcycle exhaust pipe is one of the long pipe types, after stamping or after a process of use, deformed over time due to environmental factors, chemical impact will need to check the size.

In order to test the required dimensions of the measuring methods or the appropriate gauges, conventional measuring instruments can not measure such large dimensions, it is difficult to obtain the required precision.

So 3d scanning is the best solution.

Before the 3d scan, the exhaust pipe needs to be cleaned of dust and dirt on the surface, then the powder coated on the exhaust pipe due to the exhaust has a large reflective light will make it difficult to scan 3d scans.

Every point on the tube is digitized and results in point cloud data, which can measure all desired dimensions with precision to the mic.

scan 3d xe máy

Moreover, we also provide advanced 3D scan service package and reverse design of the motorcycle system, assembling, peeling drawings ... for research and manufacture of jig, jig .. for welding industry with welding robot

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