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Scan 3D CAM service

Scan 3D CAM service

When you need to work in more detail in the form of CAM, the first thing is to accurately design the profile.

One of the most commonly used design methods is to reshape that profile on paper and then program CAD software by 2D wire cutting or CNC milling.

The method will take a long time and is not sure exactly the product requirements.

If you use 3D scanning, copy that CAM profile with a 3D scanner, it only takes 1-2 minutes.

The way to do this is to clean the sample and then place all the CAM profiles on the table and scan once to get all the CAM profiles.

And if you come up with 3D MASTER costs you need to pay for this is super saving and fast speed accurate.

When you need to make a few hundreds of CAMs, come to us.

We will handle the package selection for you, from the 3D Scan reverse engineering product exactly and then use the 3D printer branded Europe (Germany, Poland) to perform 3d printing services to create products. you most.

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