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Scan 3D at the State Bank of Vietnam

Scan 3D at the State Bank of Vietnam

The preservation and careful maintenance of historical currency at the State Bank of Vietnam is not only a crucial task but also requires meticulous care. In this context, the 3D scanning process has become a modern solution, effectively safeguarding the value of historical currency efficiently and securely.

State Bank of Vietnam Locations 

State Bank of Vietnam
State Bank of Vietnam

The State Bank of Vietnam, in its role as the manager of the national economy, is present throughout the country. It has its main headquarters at 2 Le Van Huu Street, Ly Thai To Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. This address is familiar to everyone needing to conduct transactions with the State Bank of Vietnam.

Why 3D Scan Historical Currency at the State Bank of Vietnam 


Ancient Vietnamese currency
Ancient Vietnamese currency

With the increasing historical and cultural value of ancient currency, the use of 3D scanning technology at the State Bank of Vietnam has become an indispensable tool. It not only preserves and conserves the intrinsic value of historical currency but also contributes to the development of the country's monetary culture. This is also part of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State Bank of Vietnam.

3D Scanning Service Solution at the State Bank of Vietnam 

In this project at the State Bank of Vietnam, 3D Master conducted 3D scans of thousands of Vietnamese ancient coins along with thousands of original documents related to the history of Vietnamese currency. The purpose was to develop a digital museum software for display on the occasion of the bank's 70th anniversary.

Utilizing a specialized 3D scanning process combined with modern 3D scanning technology using HandyScan Black Elite and F6 smart scanners, we achieved the best results without compromising the value of historical currency. It took only 4 days for 3D Master to complete this project, providing high-precision and high-resolution scans of the artifacts, along with a professional and smooth 3D interactive scenario on computers.


F6 SMART 3D Scanner
F6 SMART 3D Scanner

The high satisfaction and positive feedback from customers regarding the value we brought indicate the top-notch quality of 3D Master's 3D scanning services. Don't hesitate to contact 3D Master now to preserve and conserve the value of historical artifacts.


The 3D scanning process at the State Bank of Vietnam is not only a technological advancement but also a necessary measure to protect and preserve the value of the heritage of ancient currency. 3D Master is committed to providing the most professional and effective 3D scanning of historical currency, accompanying the development of the bank and the monetary culture of Vietnam.

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