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Peel 3D- A cheap Canadian quality 3D scanner is available in Vietnam,

Peel 3D is a high quality, low cost, hand-held 3D Scanner developed by CANADA's renowned 3d scanner: Creaform and Ametek. 

Portable 3D scanners are manufactured by 3d peel, a subsidiary of Creaform. Creaform is a 3D scanner manufacturer founded in Canada.

However, the professional 3D scanner of Creaform is usually at a higher price. They include Go! SCAN 50 and HandySCAN 700.

With this affordable yet professional 3D scanner, Creaform is now geared towards the mid-range market. Peel 3D professional handheld 3D scanners for science and education, body scanning, reverse engineering and other applications. Indeed, this portable 3D scanner scans all types of surfaces and textures.

Automatic and friendly image recognition features, easy-to-use professional license software. 
This professional, portable 3D scanner is available at very competitive prices.

Even in Vietnam, Peel 3D has impressed up to 4 customers ordering because of cheap machines that are too good quality, originated from Canada with high reliability, good durability, 

quét 3d máy khoan

Use Canada Peel 3D scan 3d cheap a mechanical drilling system

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