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Muscular Sensor (MyoWare Muscle Sensor)

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Introduce muscle sensors and applications.

sensor cơ bắp hà nội

cảm biến cơ bắp việt nam

cảm biến cơ bắp

In a nutshell, muscle sensors are the type of sensor that records the stresses of muscle contraction; When we go to the muscle or muscle, the sensor in the hand will receive and output the analog signal to the port, from the data can be used for different purposes.

The principle of mechanical sensors related to Electromechanics, in this sensor we understand is the measurement of bioelectric on the surface of the skin when the subcutaneous muscle changes (find out more detailed principles, you search on google by keyword  principles of EMG sensors).

The application of muscle sensors is very diverse, in which the most famous is the application of artificial prosthesis used as a real arm. There are also other applications such as:

  • Symmetry in the gait. 
  • Determination of muscle weakness or fatigue.
  • Determine the recovery of the paralyzed person.
  • In tracking the activities of athletes.
  • In education, medicine, veterinary, ....


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