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Information about 3D printing materials: ABS plastic

Information about 3D printing materials: ABS plastic


- (C8H8.C4H6.C3H3N) n: is a bridge between commercial plastics and technical plastics that are polymerized from three types of monomers: acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. 
Characteristics: Hard, solid but not crispy ABS, good balance between tensile strength, impact strength, surface hardness, solidity, heat resistance, low temperature properties and electrical characteristics. both relatively cheap. 
- The characteristics of ABS is the impact resistance and toughness. There are a variety of modified ABS to improve impact resistance, toughness and heat resistance. Impact resistance does not decrease rapidly at low temperatures. Stability under load is very good, ABS is heat resistant equivalent to or better than Acetal, PC .. at room temperature. When not crushed, damage occurs due to bending more than brittle. Physical properties have little effect on moisture but only on the stability of the ABS.
- Machining techniques: Usually using injection molding methods, shrinkage is low so the product is very accurate. Rapid drying can lead to the orientation of the molten polymer and significant stresses in which case the mold temperature needs to be increased. ABS resins can be made as sheets, extruded profiles, membranes. ABS reinforced fiberglass suitable for blow extrusion. 
- Processing parameters: material temperature: 200-280OC, mold temperature: 40 - 85OC, spray pressure: 600 - 1800 bar. 
- Application: ABS combines electrical characteristics and unlimited and affordable injection molding power. It is used in insulating products, in electronics and communications (shell and its components). inside)
- Make light, hard, ductile products such as pipes, musical instruments (mainly discs and clarifiers), golf clubs (for good impact resistance), auto parts, gear cases , gearbox guard, toy. In lead welding, the ABS tube is black (the white PVC tube) and in the plastic tube system the pressure tube color follows that rule. ABS plastic with a diameter less than 1 micrometer is used as a dye in some tattoo inks. Tattoo ink with ABS is very bright and sharp. Clarity is the most prominent feature of ABS cartridges but tattoo ink rarely lists the ingredients contained therein. 
- In the heat-sensitive technology: the inner shell, the inner door and the outer shell are subjected to cold-chilling. 
- Injection molding products such as covers, keyboards, office equipment, cameras ...
- In the car industry: Making car parts, motorcycles, boats ... 
- In the packaging industry, especially for food, injection molding products, containers and film, helmets, toys ... 
- How to distinguish plastics: can make a simple experiment is burning. 
+ PE, HDPE, PP all belong to a family with chemical composition almost the same, if the molecular weight is low, similar to paraffin (wax). Therefore, if the lighters are burned, there is no smell, it is PE, HDPE or PP. 
+ PET resin, ABS fire with flame black smoke and smell. 
+ PVC does not burn into flame.

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