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digitized CAM restoration

digitized CAM restoration

The cam shaft detail is the key actuator in each engine box

During the detailed work process will wear deformation and an optimal recovery process will greatly help the production.

Currently, according to experience, the following methods of recovery are applied:

1 / Design the most worn profile of CAM and then assimilate the remaining profiles according to it

2 / Welding and then cut back on the CNC machine

In all the optimization processes, an extremely important step in determining whether a resilience is successful is the CAM profile design.

The traditional CAM profile design would be to paste the CAM profile image into the design software, then map it or build it from the beginning in the mathematical equation.

Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, the way it takes a lot of time and then have to re-examine, the way requires deep knowledge of CAM motion

So Scan 3d has been chosen to make CAM design simpler, much more accurate

You just take a few minutes to set up the machine, standard template then scan the template is already the cloud data and then use Geomagic software to reverse engineer the output file 3D

From this 3D file you can choose the machining option on a 4-axis CNC machine or the C-lathe machine will have the product restored.

Here are some practical experiences that are also services that 3D MASTER has done:

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