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Consultant to buy a suitable 3D scanner,

Consultant to buy a suitable 3D scanner,

3D MASTER CO., LTD is confident to be the best SCAN 3D technology supplier in Vietnam. With 4+ years of experience using 3D scanners, we have implemented many 3D digitization projects in Vietnam and internationally, along with many 3D scanning systems from Canada, G7 to China. Please provide advice to customers have the basis for choosing their solution Scan 3D technology optimal and most appropriate,


   The market currently has a lot of Scan 3D devices with different specifications and applications, but to be able to choose a system Scan 3D devices to meet the needs of user production design. Focusing on four technical specifications of the machine include:


Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D Scan Equipment Systems

- System performance: affects the size of objects to scan 3D (Scan 3D)

- Resolution: affects the ability to scan small or narrow pattern or narrow products or products of small size. The smaller the size, the higher the resolution required.

- Accuracy level: affects the tolerance of each measurement, thereby affecting the actual processing error result.

Maneuverability: This is a very important factor in selecting the system that suits the testing needs of design and production.

   To understand these important technical parameters, 3D MASTER Co., Ltd would like to present a comparison of the technology of some typical Scan 3D systems as follows: 


3D Measuring Machine - CMM:

CMM 3d


Advantages point : 

1. The accuracy of the "high" measurement can achieve an accuracy of 0.001mm.

Disadvantages points : 

1. Poor flexibility

2. Limit the size of the object to be measured

The bottom of the object to be measured on a fixation shall not be measured

4. Testing the side of the hip is not convenient

Large machine size - cumbersome and takes up more space installed

Measurement performance is achieved by stitching from the "person" through the computer to the motion of the head.

7. Due to the diameter of the touch head is fixed, the inspection of slot locations is limited

8. Do not check the accuracy of surface freeform surface 

9. The machine and the object to be measured must be fixed.

10.Not suitable for reverse engineering technology.


3D Robotic Scanner Robot:

3d scanner robot arm


Advantages point : 

1. Flexibility has improved over CMM

2. The sides of the object can be measured

3. Measurement achieved directly by "people" directly impact on the head

4. Side-by-side testing is more convenient than CMM

5. You can replace the head with Scan 3D to perform the 3D Scan of the product.

Disadvantages points : 

1.Do the length of the robot arm is fixed, the size of the object to be measured is limited

2. The bottom of the object to be measured on a fixation shall not be measured

3. Due to the diameter of the touch head is fixed, the inspection of the groove position is limited

4. The machine and the object to be measured must be fixed.

5. The ability to move the system is limited

6. Uncomfortable when scanning objects. It is not convenient to scan objects in limited space (such as Scan Interior)

7. Scan speed depends on the resolution


3D Scanning Machine:

3d scanner capture


Advantages point : 

High-accuracy 3D scanning capability.  
2. Fast data acquisition speed thanks to 3D shooting technology. 
3. The system can change the lens to increase the resolution and increase the volume reduction of the spell. It is suitable for many types of products (including large and small objects): 
 Large size or smooth surface will use large diameter lens 
 or small surface. will use the tiny lens with small focal 
4. Scan the product can be large when changing lenses fit 
Weak points : 1. the system must be fixed and samples in each measurement 

2. The system should have a certain work space so it is not convenient for the Interior Scan, scan under the sample

3. When the large sample 3d scans take a long time to replace the lens and move is not flexible due to the bulky cradle system


Handheld 3D Scanner:

3d scanner handle


máy lưu trữ 3d


Advantages point : 

The ability to work very maneuverable, able to Scan all surfaces of the object on a single fix (exterior, interior, roaring, ... of the sample)

2. Machine and specimen need not be fixed

Intelligent data management software suitable for industrial production needs: No need to reinstall in case of multiple days of scanning, automatic identification of coupling large samples of other scans. Or, get results from different scanners at the same time

Ensure accurate and fast 3D scans of all sample surfaces 

5. The process is very safe for the sample, does not deform the sample because the measurement is based on the principle of light reflection and does not require space to fix.

6. Integrated Camera System captures the coordinates of all the very intuitive sample surfaces for displaying results that always help to scan 3D objects more actively.

Disadvantages points : 

1. Scan 3D coatings with surfaces that are not reflective as transparent


3D Scanning Machine Large Exterior Space, As Terrain:

scan 3d moutain


Advantages point : 

1. The ability to scan 3D large sample, used for digitized terrain, space workroom 
2. Speed Data Acquisition fast thanks to technology 3D imaging 
Weak points : 1. System and samples must be fixed specified in each measurement 2. the system needs a certain workspace should not favorable in the work of interior scan, scanning gamut 

3. Not optimized for digitizing results for reverse design


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