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The turbocharger is characterized by five-axis CNC machining technology. In order to process this product, it is necessary to carry out researches such as design studies, materials- cutting mode, machining strategies ... Nowadays, many CAD / CAM software is applied for internal research. . One of the leading CAD / CAM software solutions is Topsolid. This is a famous product of Missler-France and is a software-high technology with effective support features for the implementation of the technology of the turbine. After studying the test method to obtain the required size, the turbine blades were designed, processed in Topsolid'Design, entered into the Topsolid'Cam environment and executed machining programmable.

The cutting mode is set up in the "5 axis swept", "Swarf machining" with optimum knives, cutouts and easily adjustable, precise control.

Ability to limit the machining of the machining by intelligent keel programmer, the ability to set the limit of axial journeys by directly interfering with the open-top multifunction CNC machine library and automation. calculation of tolerances, inspection, notification ... in Topsolid will be a powerful tool to avoid unnecessary collisions.

In researching the turbine technology with Topsolid, researching efficient machining strategies - exactly what is needed is not enough. As a matter of fact, if there is CAD / CAM software that does not have a machined output to control the machine, it is not a smart choice. Coding is the language, a tool for realizing the strategy of software outsourcing. Recognizing that importance, Topsolid-Missler has successfully developed the system of export coding: Fanuc, Siemens, Okuma, Heidenhain, ... very valuable. This system is always up-to-date to keep up with the increasingly diverse and modern development of the CNC control system.

High-tech, secure, and precision-engineered language output ... are the key reasons for choosing Topsolid to successfully manufacture turbine blades and other complex CNC products. 5 axes.

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