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3D Scanning Chair, wooden chair, chair, 3D Scan wood patterns

3D Scanning chair, chair, chair, wood pattern

Sweep 3d desk chair, arm chair, armchair

Quét 3d trương ghế gỗ, tay ghế, vách ghế

Wooden motifs and large wooden statues of several meters or large specimens are the products that apply 3D scanning technology   for the most economical,

This type of product has complex surfaces that require high aesthetics, without high precision such as mechanical,

The traditional design is the first manual chiselling and then do a lot of time spent and dependent on craftsman carpentry,

Now with the 3D scanning technology,   all the sophisticated designs are quickly cloned with sharp specimens, and then through the CAD / CAM software programmers to export the code to the CNC machine will chisel out the excellent products. as well

CNC 4 Axis CNC Axis Machining on Topsolid:

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