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3D Scan of industrial fans at TH True Milk

3D Scan of industrial fans at TH True Milk

In its continuous effort to enhance performance and product quality, TH True Milk has opted for 3D scanning services from 3D MASTER to improve its industrial fan blade system on cattle farms. Let's explore how this innovative 3D scanning technology has played a crucial role in the development of Vietnam's dairy industry.

Introduction to TH True Milk


Th True Milk - TRue Happines
TH True Milk - True Happiness


TH True Milk is a leading dairy production and distribution company in Vietnam, founded in 2009. Renowned for employing modern technology and ensuring high-quality production processes, the company sources the best milk ingredients for its diverse range of products.


Products of TH True Milk
Products of TH True Milk


TH True Milk not only produces fresh and condensed milk but also expands into products like yogurt, protein milk, ice cream, and nutritional milk beverages. The company emphasizes environmental protection and community development through social activities and sustainable programs.

3D Scanning Service at 3D Master



With years of experience providing 3D scanning services to top businesses, 3D MASTER delivers precise results down to every millimeter. With a highly skilled team of technicians and a professional working approach, customers at 3D MASTER have no complaints. Concerned about pricing? Don't worry; we always offer reasonable rates within your budget.

What TH True Milk Needs from 3D Master's 3D Scanning Service


 3D Fan Blade Scanning at TH True Milk
3D Fan Blade Scanning at TH True Milk


TH True Milk aims to assess the deformation of all industrial fan blades on its cattle farms to evaluate improvements in aerodynamic performance, optimizing operational costs. Subsequently, a new fan blade design is to be engineered to save maintenance time during continuous 24/7 operation.

3D Scanning Solution for TH True Milk: Challenges and Resolutions



3D MASTER employs the handheld high-precision 3D laser scanner, the HandySCAN Black Elite, for comprehensive scanning of fan blades. By using VXinspect software, deformation reports are generated, and Geomagic DesignX is utilized to reverse engineer the entire assembly of the original industrial fan blade from 3D scan data. Design improvements are then made according to TH True Milk engineers' new requirements.


The collaboration between TH True Milk and 3D MASTER has resulted in a breakthrough in modernizing the industrial fan blade system. This not only enhances performance but also reflects TH True Milk's commitment to innovation and quality in Vietnam's dairy industry.



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