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 In August, 1818, MASTER 3D Co., Ltd was honored to be selected as the prestigious provider of Scan 3D-in 3D technology to meet the needs of teaching and archiving in Fine Arts,

The equipment in this project includes:

1 / The Peel 3D Handheld Scanner  (https://3dmaster.com.vn/may-scan-3d-cam-tay-gia-re-chat-luong-canada-peel-3d/)

hướng dẫn sử dụng máy in 3d

2 / The 3D printer industry by MASTER 3D Co., Ltd., the warranty up to 3 years ( https://3dmaster.com.vn/may-in-3d-fdm-600-xx-600- y-x400-zmm )

3 / Medium 3D SLA printers ( https://3dmaster.com.vn/may-in-3d-sla-kho-145mmx145mmy175mmz/ )

chuyên giao công nghệ scan 3d- in 3d mỹ thuật

4 / Specialized notebooks for sculpture

About the University of Fine Arts.

scan 3d và mỹ thuật công nghiệp


 In 2014 the Industrial Arts University (MTCN) solemnly celebrated the 65th anniversary of its founding (1949 - 2014), marking its history, construction and development. The journey has been going through two centuries since its inception. This event is the honor and pride of the generations of cadres, lecturers, staffs, students and students who have been working, working and studying at the University.

The formation, construction and development of the University of Industrial Arts is connected by many historical periods, reflecting the rise and fall of the general, indispensable and objective rules, and Seeing the positive efforts to strive for the rise of cadres, lecturers, employees, students and learners for the cause of construction, consolidation and development from the initial stage of establishment up to today and in the years to come.

In the development strategy from now until 2020 and by 2030, the mission and vision of the Hanoi Industrial Arts University is clearly defined: "It is a training and scientific research institution. First in the field of fine arts design applied in the education system of Vietnam. To provide human resources - Painters with high-quality university and postgraduate graduates, meet the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country and international integration. " The vision of the Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts: "To become a multi-disciplinary scientific and technological research and training institution in the country, on a par with universities in the same industry. prestigious in the region, with advanced training programs and the ability to work internationally.

This year's Proceeding was built and issued on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the school (1949 - 2014), once again, I would like to introduce the image of President Ho Chi Minh, leaders of the Party and House. MOET visited the school; school leaders, key staff, faculty, staff, students, students and the school's activities; overview of the formation, development, development and generalization of the achievements of the Hanoi Metropolitan University from 1949 to 2014; Introduce the organizational structure of the school, the units, affiliated organizations through the period and now.

On this occasion, the University of Fine Arts of Vietnam publishes a brochure introducing the contents as mentioned above and wishes to receive many comments and constructions from readers so that future publications can be returned. more tuned.

Is pleased to introduce !

Link: http://mythuatcongnghiep.edu.vn/


dự án đầu tư công nghệ 3d



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