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PCB Analyzer PCB with Scanner 3d Go! Scan3d,

PCB Analyzer PCB with Scanner 3d Go! Scan3d,


objective of this project is to scan the printed circuit board to perform analysis fluid dynamics (CFD). PCB has been cooled very well; However, heat dissipation is not optimal because the problems that arise are premature aging caused by long-term combination errors when used.

phân tích PCB

3D scanning has been achieved with Go! SCAN20's Creaform and reverse design are made with CATIA. The model has been published 3D drawing and coolant flow through the shell was simulated using the conjugate heat transfer method. This method has found that the important areas of stagnant air around the particular capacitor will generate high temperatures outside the operating temperature range of the main components.

Implementation steps

3D Scan 3D circuit! SCAN20 
Reverse design of 3D drawing board PCB circuit 
analysis CFD analysis 
Set boundary conditions 
Results of analysis for optimal adjustment of circuit board PCB

scan 3d mạch điện


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