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Certificate of Advanced 3D Training

Certificate of Advanced 3D Training

Improve technology level - promote intellectual resources 3D MASTER COMPANY LIMITED on consulting and providing 3D Scan Technology,

In the Platform for building a company with sustainable development in the period of industrial revolution 4.0, we affirm that the leading solution to realize development goals is "promoting technology and modernizing associated technologies". with the development of human knowledge”. And 3D Scan technology besides 3D printing are key technologies of the company.

Customer status

The market currently has a lot of 3D Scan technologies with different specifications and applications, but in order to be able to choose a 3D Scan equipment system that is suitable for customer design and production needs, attention should be paid to Focus on 4 focal specifications of the machine including:

- Working capacity of the system: affects the size of the object to be scanned in 3D (Scan 3D)

- Resolution: affects the ability to scan tiny patterns or narrow groove profiles or products with small sizes. The smaller the size, the higher the resolution requirements of the system must be.

- Accuracy class: affects the tolerance of each measurement, thereby affecting the actual machining error results.

- Maneuverability: this is a very important factor in choosing the right system for testing needs in design and production.

- And an extremely important factor is finding a reputable consultant-provider, always putting the benefits of work productivity and efficiency first.

Strategic direction of technology development

Understanding the above factors, 3D MASTER CO., LTD always researches and searches for the best 3D scanning technology solutions in the world to advise customers. We accompany our customers anytime, anywhere with our solutions.

To do this, 3D MASTER affirms itself the optimal standard technology with advanced courses on the occasion of the participation of world famous brands such as Creaform. Here, we can share and learn a lot of professional consulting skills for customers along with skills in using new technology equipment.

3D MASTER is proud to be one of the world's most prestigious consultants and suppliers of 3D scanning products in Vietnam.

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Email: cuong3dmaster@gmail.com | hung3dmaster@gmail.com | tech3dmaster@gmail.com

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