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Accretech XYZAX SVF NEX 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

Accretech XYZAX SVF NEX 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

Technical Specifications:

- Brand: Accretech

Accretech XYZAX SVF NEX 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine


Contact Details:

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AI Function (Artificial Intelligence)

Automated detection of measured geometries (AI geometric shapes) eliminates the need to specify geometric elements for each measurement, significantly improving efficiency.

Automatically detected geometric elements include: points, straight lines, circles, flat surfaces, ellipses, spheres, cylinders, and cones.

The AI function of the coordinate system and coordinate support function make coordinate system setup as easy as performing a series of measurements.

The coordinate support function comes with 20 pre-registered settings, allowing you to perform measurements by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

The AI function of the coordinate system automatically configures settings suitable for measurement factors and coordinate system setups.

The lightweight design prevents hand fatigue even during prolonged measurements.

Hard surface aluminum alloy is used for the X-axis and Z-axis guide surfaces, finished with high straightness accuracy.

Due to the lightweight nature of the moving parts, there is minimal inertia during measurements, reducing operator fatigue.

Brake function (optional)

The brake function facilitates manual operation using the centering microscope. The influence of air-bearing inertia is eliminated to allow for precise positioning.

High-rigidity Maisonette bridge structure

As the Y-axis is the foundation for measurement accuracy, its guide rail must be stable. The machine has a table with precisely finished surfaces and a Maisonette bridge structure (guide rails on both sides of the table) with a spring mechanism. This provides high rigidity and allows for maintaining stable measurement accuracy over an extended period."

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