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3D scan and sorting, restoring prehistoric skulls,

3D MASTER Co., Ltd. in collaboration with the Museum of Nature implemented the Scan 3d work and restored the first discovery archaeological sites in the volcanic caves of Central Highlands. Prehistoric baby skull 4 years old. The age is 6500 years old.

3D scans of a skull over 6,000 years old of a pre-existing baby

kết quả scan 3d sọ 6000 tuổi


kết quả sắc nét chính xác scan 3d hộp sọ 6000 tuổi

Link kết quả scan 3D mẫu


in 3d scult1


in 3d scult 2



Result of 3D Printing



Kết quả in 3D SLA





Kết quả thành phẩm sau phối màu


Vietnam first discovered human prehistoric bones in volcanic caves

There are 3 relics and thousands of specimens that are considered as unique heritage in Vietnam and Southeast Asia have been found.

The relics of the prehistoric bones in Dak Nong

The geologists and archaeologists of Vietnam have just discovered the residence of prehistoric people in the volcanic cave in Krong No, Krong No, Dak Nong geological park.

For the first time in Vietnam, volcanic caves have been approached by scientists in a comprehensive way, with a full set of natural heritage values ​​(geology, biodiversity). (archeology) for the volcanic cave heritage.  

The team found at least 3 human remains and tens of thousands of shellfish and large numbers of stone relics, pottery, animal bone, mollusk shell.

Nhà khoa học bới từng lớp mỏng vài milimet để tìm kiếm hiện vật tại hang thăm dò. Ảnh: NVCC.

The scientist scanned a thin layer several millimeters to look for objects at the cave.

A series of in-depth study methods were then performed to determine the age of the cultural stratum and to establish the scientific value of this unique heritage.

The relics are identified in the New Middle Ages 7,000 -5,000 years ago, continuous evolution to the New Stone Age - Early Metal Age 5,000-4,000 years ago and when people leave the cave. 

Dr. La The Phuc, Museum of Nature Vietnam, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Head of the project said that this is a unique heritage is unique in Vietnam and Southeast. Asia, very rare in the volcanic cave in the world. This result opens a new direction for research in archeology and anthropology of Vietnam.

The results of this excavation are evidence of the history of occupying and controlling volcanic land in Krong No of prehistoric inhabitants from 7,000 years ago to 4,000 years ago. The discovery of the archaeological relics of the cave volcano here has demonstrated the type of residential relics, factory vestiges and burial grounds.

Archaeological excavation results will contribute important and highly persuasive information to the Krong No NP geological park Dak Nong project scheduled to be submitted to UNESCO in November,

Dr. La The Phuc said that, on September 18, the Museum of Nature Vietnam will hold a conference to announce preliminary preliminary excavation results in the Krong No mountain cave, Dak Nong Province at 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.





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