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Quotation 3d scan service - 3D scanner rental oil and gas pipeline system,

3D MASTER HAN HUY HUY PACKAGE 3D scan service - 3D scanner rental oil and gas pipeline system,

You work in the oil and gas industry and you need a 3D measurement solution to check the surface quality of your pipeline after long periods of use offshore to have a plan to replace active maintenance and maintenance. Does not affect the continuity in the process of continuous operation of the whole system?

3D MASTER cordially invites you to a 3D scanning solution with a durable, hand-held 3D scanner and ultra-accurate HandyScan 700 scanner. This is the world's most advanced handheld scanner in the world. HandyScan 700 is the most suitable 3D scanner when you need to test any specimen of any size in even the harshest of environments. 

In particular, the reliability of the HandyScan 700 3D scanner has been greatly verified by the 3d project of scanning all types of pipes in the oil and gas projects in the world. 

Here are some images using the HandyScan 700 to perform a 3D scan of surface defects in oil and gas pipeline in Mexico:

quét 3d đường ống dẫn dầu

thuê đo quét 3d đường ống dầu khí

cho thuê máy scan 3d đường ống dài

dịch vụ thuê scan 3d đường ống

báo giá scan 3d


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