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Provide 3D scanners at Petrovietnam,

Provide 3D scanners at Petrovietnam,

The era of Industry 4.0 has ushered in a new chapter of development, and in this context, 3D scanning technology is increasingly prominent in enhancing the quality and business performance of enterprises. PetroVietnam, one of the leading units in Vietnam, quickly recognized the power of this technology and opted for a high-end solution from 3D MASTER to elevate its operational quality.

Formation History of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group - PetroVietnam 

Vietnam Oil and Gas Group - PetroVietnam 

The journey of formation and development of PetroVietnam over the past 60 years is an impressive tale of perseverance, innovation, and significant contributions to the national cause. From challenging beginnings to its current position, PetroVietnam has proven itself as an influential state-owned enterprise continuously evolving.

Petro Vietnam's Business Sectors 

Petro Vietnam's Business Sectors 

PetroVietnam is not merely an oil and gas enterprise; it is a crucial driving force behind the prosperity of Vietnam's energy sector. With the mission to manage and deploy oil and gas activities within Vietnam and invest overseas, PetroVietnam plays a vital role in the innovation and sustainability of the industry.

 Petro Vietnam's Requirements for 3D Master's 3D Scanning Machine

In the increasingly complex and diverse oil and gas industry, PetroVietnam sets high standards for 3D scanning technology solutions. Meeting the demands for sampling and measuring particularly challenging samples in heavy industries such as large turbines and large pipelines is crucial.

What Does the 3D Scanning Machine from 3D Master Solve for PetroVietnam? 

To address the complex challenges of the oil and gas industry, PetroVietnam has chosen 3D MASTER as a reliable partner. The 3D technology solution, especially the HandyScan Black Elite handheld 3D laser scanner along with synchronized software VXmodel and VXinspect Elite, provides PetroVietnam with a premium solution, meeting all international certifications.


In its journey of development and maintaining its leadership position, PetroVietnam is not only a strong motivator for the oil and gas sector but also an icon of innovation and creativity in Vietnam's economy. The close collaboration with 3D MASTER is not only a significant step forward but also evidence of PetroVietnam's commitment to quality and technological advancement.

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