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On-demand 3D printing service in Hanoi - Where to find Good prices - Beautiful printing

On-demand 3D printing service in Hanoi - Where to find Good prices - Beautiful printing


3D printing on demand in Hanoi has become an innovative and diverse solution for many fields, from product design, advertising, to education and research. With the development of 3D printing technology, creating customized products with high precision is no longer difficult.

Are you looking for on-demand 3D printing service in Hanoi? There is a want and an option when you search about 3D printing prices in Hanoi or 3D printing services in Cau Giay, Hanoi. You can refer to the address of 3D MASTER, a reputable address in the field of 3D printing technology in Vietnam, with a highly qualified technical team and having implemented many large projects. Let's find out why 3DMaster should be your top choice.

What is 3D printing on demand in Hanoi?

Realistic product manufacturing technology using 3D technology is widely applied in the manufacturing, design, and research industries. Designers, engineers, and researchers create highly complex models and parts in just a few hours.

3D printing on demand in Hanoi is the process of creating physical products using a 3D printer, according to a digitized 3D model. This allows you to create any product, from design prototype to final product, with micrometer precision.


Where is a good address for 3D printing on demand in Hanoi?

3DMaster is one of the leading companies in 3D printing services in Hanoi. With many years of experience in the field of 3D printing, 3DMaster has carried out many large and small projects for many different customers. What makes 3DMaster reputable is its highly qualified, experienced technical team and the ability to meet all customer requirements.

Why choose 3DMaster?

3DMaster is proud to be a leading address for 3D printing services in Hanoi. What makes us different is:

  Experience and Reputation: With many years of operation in the industry, we have implemented many large and small projects, gaining trust from customers.

Professional team: We have a highly qualified, experienced technical team, always ready to meet all your strict requirements.


Some 3D printing projects of 3DMaster.

3DMaster has a history of participating in many large 3D printing projects in Hanoi. Their technical team is highly qualified and experienced in implementing complex projects. Below are some typical 3D printing projects of 3DMaster:

3D printing of architectural models: 3D PRINTING SCULPTURES 


3D printing of mechanical products, engineering, product design technology: 3D PRINTING PROJECT 285 ABS PLASTIC MODELS FOR THE OTO AND MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY 




What 3D printing technologies does 3DMaster have?

Realistic product manufacturing technology using 3D technology is widely applied in the manufacturing, design, and research industries. 3DMaster uses many different 3D printing technologies such as FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), SLA (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and metal 3D printing to ensure that you will have a product that suits your requirements :

FDM 3D printing technology is widely used in manufacturing industries, new designs before mass production, models of scientific graduate students, creating silicon models, making models of graduation projects, modeling exhibition display. This technology allows designers, engineers and manufacturing researchers to create physical prototypes or highly complex parts in just a few hours, at a much lower cost than conventional technology. other traditional production methods.

Plastic 3D printing technology using SLA technology allows the creation of products with detailed, sharp models and smooth, glossy surfaces. The material is made from petroleum compounds, is more durable and stronger than FDM technology printing and has good water resistance but poor heat resistance.

Metal 3D printing technology allows the creation of customized metal products, improves production efficiency, and reduces production time; Higher precision than traditional production methods.

3D printing price on demand at 3DMaster.

  The price of 3D printing at 3DMaster will depend on many factors such as printing technology, product smoothness, product size, and printing material...


Model size, resolution, and model complexity are important factors that affect the cost of 3D printing.

The larger and more complex the sample, the longer it takes to run the machine and the higher the cost.

Smooth, beautiful prints and high-quality printing materials also cost more!

  For more details and direct advice on prices, please contact us (Mr. Hung: 0986333960)


On-demand 3D printing process at 3D Master.

Ordering 3D printing on demand at 3D MASTER is very simple. You just need to contact 3D MASTER via Zalo, Facebook, Email or Hotline to send 3D files and/or request prototyping.

After that, 3D MASTER will send a quote immediately.

If you agree with the quote, you just need to confirm the information and finalize printing.

3D MASTER will process the file and order printing on the same day.

You can receive the goods at the address you want.


If you are looking for on-demand 3D printing service in Hanoi, 3D Master is the best choice. With reputation, experience and a quality technical team, we are committed to meeting all your requirements. Contact us today for more details and direct consultation.


3DMaster Company Limited

Address: No. 6B, Lane 126, Nguyen Dong Chi Street, Cau Dien Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City

Email: cuong3dmaster@gmail.com


Tel.:  0986333960


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