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Designing services for molding 12 condoms,

Designing services for molding 12 condoms,

3D MASTER CO., LTD. Specializes in providing 3d technology and scanning services, 3d design and printing, CNC machining of 12 pieces for jewelery,

thiết kế khuôn mẫu 12 con giáp

Scan 3d and 3D contoured designs - Tiger

thiết kế khuôn 12 con giáp

Core design for CNC molding 12 chassis

CNC milling programming

phay khuon 12 con giap

KMilling results 1 in 12 armor

quy trình làm khuôn kim hoàn

Application of 3d scan in the molding process

khuôn đúc 12 con giáp

Mold design for 12 pieces 

khuôn đúc con giáp chó

Result of CNC milling with 12 planes:

khuôn 12 con giáp cnc

khắc 12 con giáp


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