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Cheap 3D Scanner: A Reasonable Solution or A Lot of Problems?

Cheap 3D Scanner: A Reasonable Solution or A Lot of Problems?

In today's world, 3D scanner technology is no longer strange. Creating 3D models from real objects has become popular in many fields from industry to the creative arts. However, finding a cheap 3D scanner that still meets your needs is still a challenge. In this context, machines such as "Handheld 3D scanner price," "Mini 3D scanner" and "Einscan-Pro 3D scanner" are the top choices, meeting the needs of users. .

Not everyone has the budget to invest in expensive 3D scanners with high-end features. It is not surprising that with developments in technology, cheap 3D scanners have become popular, attracting the attention of many people and are an attractive choice for those in need of a solution. save. In this article, we will learn about cheap 3D scanners and their weaknesses.


Cheap Machine Price - But Quality Not Guaranteed?

Surely the biggest strength of cheap 3D scanners is their significantly lower price compared to high-end versions. However, cheap prices sometimes come with many inevitable problems.
Poor quality: Cheap 3D scanners often use components that are not manufactured to high quality, such as screws and controllers. Therefore, the accuracy of the scanning process is not high, resulting in the final product having defects such as cracks, uneven surfaces, or poor texture. This can be difficult for those who need to achieve high precision in scanning or need to reproduce complex details.

Jobs that require high product quality cannot use cheap 3D scanners:

Cheap 3D scanners, although a useful tool in creating 3D models, face many difficulties in cases requiring high accuracy:

Modeling and Scanning Complex Objects
Modeling and scanning objects with complex shapes often requires high precision. Cheap 3D scanners can have difficulty reproducing 3D models accurately and in full detail, especially when the object has many complex edges or small details.

The Product Surface Has Many Deep Grooves and Special Materials
Product surfaces with many deep grooves are often a challenge for low-cost 3D scanners. These deep grooves can interfere with the scanning process, leading to inaccurate reproduction and lack of detail. At the same time, scanning products with glossy, smooth, black materials with poor reflective properties is also a big problem for low-cost 3D scanners. These properties make it difficult to capture points and reproduce images accurately.

Slow Scanning Speed - When Time is Gold.

To reduce costs, many cheap products often have slower scanning speeds. Slow scanning speeds can result in a large amount of time consuming to complete a 3D scanning process, especially when dealing with large, complex or high-performance projects. This can cause dissatisfaction from users, especially when they need quick results to apply to production or research processes.
In projects that require high performance, slow scan speeds can create limitations and affect achieving the desired results in a short time. Cheap 3D scanners often have simpler technology, resulting in more time-consuming scanning compared to more professional and high-end equipment.

Minor Breakdowns - Unexpected Maintenance Costs.

Damage is another problem that users of cheap 3D scanners often face. Components and structures of cheap 3D scanners are often not made of high quality materials, durability is not guaranteed, leading to instability during operation.
Maintenance and repair of cheap 3D scanners often require frequent and complex interventions, especially if the user does not have technical knowledge. Problems with poor quality components can lead to continuous problems with the scanner, affecting the working process and performance of the device.

Einscan-pro 3d scanner segment is a cheap 3d scanner that is reasonable in its price range. 

If you do not have enough finances and are forced to choose a cheap 3D scanner, the Einscan-pro 3D Scanner is a suitable choice. The Einscan-Pro 3D scanner, although moderately priced, is often praised for its accuracy and scanning performance. Einscan-pro provides fast scanning speed and good image quality. This saves time during the 3D modeling process.


The EinScan-Pro 3D scanner stands out with its ability to scan colors and reproduce models with high real-world accuracy. With color scanning capabilities, this device is capable of capturing all objects accurately and in detail, with high resolution.

Not only stopping at color scanning capabilities, the EinScan-Pro 3D scanner also offers a series of other attractive features. Typically, the ability to scan is unlimited, from objects as small as 0.03mm to large objects up to 4m in size.

Einscan-Pro-Plus 3D-scanner

This handheld device is equipped with 2 main modes: one is flexible mode, suitable for many different requirements and the other is high precision mode, comes with a total of 4 different scanning modes , helps optimize the 3D model scanning process.


Another impressive feature of the EinScan-Pro is the ability to perform automatic scanning with the automatic rotation table, allowing a 360-degree scan of a model in just 90 seconds. This provides convenience and speed in the comprehensive modeling process.


Furthermore, the scanning head is fixed on the base to increase accuracy and ease of use, providing users with a free scanning experience while still ensuring high accuracy.
If you need to learn about how the EinScan-Pro 3D scanner works, its applications in industry and the benefits it brings, please read the article below:


Cheap 3D scanners have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, are competitively priced, and may be suitable for some people. However, before deciding to invest, you need to carefully consider your specific needs and whether a cheap 3D scanner will meet your goals. Cheap prices can be attractive, but consider carefully what aspects you may have to sacrifice to achieve savings. The reality is, "cheap" is not always a good choice.

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