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APAC_2018 / Creaform Campus Advanced Training Week,

APAC_2018 / Creaform Campus Advanced Training Week,



Raise the level of technology - bring into play the intellectual resources of 3D MASTER CO., LTD., Consult and supply Scan 3D technology,

In the Platform for Sustainable Development during the 4.0 revolution, we insisted that the leading solution to achieve the development goals is "to accelerate the technology and modernization of the technology. with human resource development ". And the 3D Scan technology alongside 3D printing is the company's flagship technology.

Customer status

The market currently has a lot of Scan 3D technology with different specifications and applications, but to be able to choose a system Scan 3D devices to meet the needs of production design customers. Up to four specifications of the machine's focus include:

- System performance: affects the size of objects to scan 3D (Scan 3D)

- Resolution: affects the ability to scan small or narrow pattern or narrow products or products of small size. The smaller the size, the higher the resolution required.

- Accuracy level: affects the tolerance of each measurement, thereby affecting the actual processing error result.

- Mobility: This is a very important factor in choosing the system that suits the testing needs of design and production.

And one of the most important factors is to find a consultant who provides credibility, always putting productivity gains to work.

Strategic orientation for technological development

Knowing the above factors, 3D MASTER Co., Ltd always research and find the best 3D scanning solutions in the world consulting clients. We work with our customers anytime, anywhere with our solutions.

In order to do this, 3D MASTER asserts that it is the optimum technology with the advanced training courses of the world famous companies such as Creaform. Here we are sharing and learning a lot of professional consulting skills for customers along with the skills of using new technology.

3D MASTER is proud to be one of the leading 3D consultants in the world.

metrascan việt nam

3D MASTER engineers trained in 3D Scan technology at the high technology courses invited by the company

CMM cầm tay VN

Picture MASTER 3D engineers practice CMM handheld technology at the high-tech courses invited by the company

VIDEO 3D MASTER ENGINE WORKSHEET Scan 3D with CMM handheld technology at the high-tech courses invited by the company.

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