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3D scanning of broken hydraulic breakage pump wing,

3D scanning of broken hydraulic breakage pump wing,

Preliminary introduction of hydraulic pump pumping:

Principles of operation of hydraulic pumping

A large number of types of piston hydraulic pumps are used in today's technology. In agricultural applications, the introduction of pumping equipment is very popular. The working structure of the wing pump is a rotating wheel with wings on it. Pumps divide into: centrifugal and axial type.

Centrifugal centrifugal pumps: the liquid under the action of centrifugal force moves from the center to the periphery.


Centrifugal Pump

Figure 1 shows a simple diagram of a centrifugal pump, also known as a centrifugal pump. The circulation of the centrifugal pump is made up of three main components: inlet 1, impeller 2 and outlet 3.


Figure 1: Simple diagram of centrifugal pump

The liquid flows from the connecting tube, through the inlet 1 and then to the working gear. 2. The second gear transfers the energy from the drive to the fluid flow. The workpieces are composed of two discs a and b, between the two discs a and b are the curved wings c, the curvature of the c wing opposite the rotation of the wheel (as pictured). The fluid moves from the center to the periphery of the impeller 2 and exits to the outlet 3. From the liquid outlet is fed to the compressed pipe, or is fed to the next impeller in the case of a centrifugal pump granted.

Axial piston driven pumps: the fluid moves along the spindle of the impeller (Figure 2).


Figure 2: Simple Axial Pump Diagram

The axle of the axial pump is quite similar to the propeller of the ship. Components of the impeller include: rotary (1), rotary (1), fixed on the rotors (2). At the outlet of the pump, an additional 3, is to remove the twisting of the fluid stream. Then the kinetic energy of the liquid current is transformed into the pressure energy. Axial piston pumps are used in both high flow and low pressure applications. Axial pumps can use fixed wings (ie, the position of the wings are fixed on the impeller), and can also be used to rotate the wings, ie, the position of the wings relative to the impeller. can be adjusted.

Over a long period of time, due to various reasons, the pump can be damaged, forced to be repaired and needed to be repaired on site to save costs as well as time to replace the pump for normal operation. , or you may need to make a sample of just enough stock in stock. So 3D MASTER Co., Ltd, with the accurate handheld 3D scanner HandyScan, will provide you with the best 3D data as well as the most reliable and reliable process technology.

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Picture of the broken pump need to be restored

3D scan of the pump body

Image of pumping wing recovery results on software


Product images after the casting, 5-axis CNC machining

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