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3D scan tool hook, vacuum mold design and CNC milling with Topsolid,

scan3d khuôn

1 / Scan 3d plastic hook with Scan3d EinScanPro machine

2 / Geomagic reverse design'DesignX ensure standard and standard template exit technology, export 3D step

3 / Mold Design on Topsolid'Mold7

4 / Programming CNC 3 axis, export G-code file on Topsolid'Cam7

5 / Program the CNC milling machine

6 / Vacuum out the finished product, check if necessary

7 / Mass duplication with 8 cores

scan3d khuon hut chan khong

scan3d khuon hut chan khong2

Scan 3d set of plastic thin box, reverse 3D export design, mold release and CNC molding, sucking new products ...

scan 3d hop nhua

scan 3d vo nhua


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