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3D MASTER with the 11th XI Engineering and Technology Conference in 2018,

3D MASTER with the 11th XI Engineering and Technology Conference in 2018,

On 21/10/2018, the Motivational Club in collaboration with the Forestry University holds the 11th XI Motivational Science and Technology Conference in 2018. This is an important forum for the team. The staff of research, application and teaching in the field of mechanical engineering.


Attending the conference were Prof. Dr. Ks. Pham Van Lang - Chairman of Mechanical Club, Head of Organization Board; with nearly 200 delegates as leaders, scientists from the member units and the cooperating units of the club: Hanoi University of Technology; Military Technical Institute; Hanoi Agricultural Academy; Maritime University; University Transportation; University of Transport Technology; Hanoi University of Industry; University of Civil Engineering; Irrigation University; Hung Yen University of Technical Education; Vinh Long University of Technical Education; University of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City; Vietnam-Hungary University; Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Technology; Vietnam Registry Department; Agricultural Research and Design Institute; Military Technical Institute; Vietnam Mechanical Journal, TKV Group; TV news agencies came to the news.

For Forestry University, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Chu - Secretary of Party Committee, Rector; Assoc. Nguyen Van Quan - Chairman of the School Council; Prof. Pham Van Chuong - Vice Rector; leaders, cadres, lecturers of departments, faculties / institutes of training and research, and lecturers and scientists of interest.

Opening speech at the conference. Prof. TSKH. Pham Van Lang, President of the Motomobile Club, emphasized that the Conference on Mechanic Engineering and Technology was an opportunity to re-evaluate the activities of the club over the past year, science introduces new research results, orientations for research and technology transfer, promote cooperation between research units and production units in the field of mechanical dynamics ...

Prof. TSKH. Pham Van Lang - Chairman of the Mechanical Club, Head of the Organizing Committee

Over the years, the team of scientists has made great contributions to the training and research in the field of mechanical dynamics. Recently, Prof. Dr.K. Pham Van Lang would like to express his gratitude, appreciation and wish the scientists and related units continue to accompany and contribute their expertise and build up a strong club which contributes to the cause of industrialization and modernization. of the country.

The principal of the school gives flowers motive force club

Speaking at the conference, Prof.Dr. Professor Tran Van Chu - Director of the University said: In the context of the revolutionary 4.0 advanced technology has been developed in many countries around the world and spread in many fields in Vietnam, The force has a lot of potential to develop and engage and value the value chain of the world industry. This is a good opportunity for dynamic, fast and strong mechanics. However, in order to develop the motive mechanics industry, it is necessary to have strategies, guidelines, roadmap, tasks and specific solutions ... The Conference on Mechanic Engineering and Technology is important for a team of managers, scientists working in the field of mechanics - dynamics across the country exchanges, exchanges in the field of expertise, academia, reports the results of new scientific research ...

Prof. Tran Van Chu - Head of School

The University of Forestry has the mission to be the leading university in the field of human resource training with high qualifications to meet the requirements of the agriculture and rural development sector, a prestigious scientific center for forestry, natural resources and environment, natural disaster prevention and mitigation, motive mechanics, etc., contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Huy Dai - Head of Science and Technology Department presents the summary of science and technology activities of the school

This year's Science and Technology Conference was attended by more than 60 scientific papers, divided into five chapters. Scientists have presented the latest research results in their respective disciplines, each of which demonstrates the dedication and hard work of the research teams, and is a testament to the effort that has been made. of officials and lecturers in scientific research work.

Subdivision: Agricultural Engineering

Division: Forestry Engineering

Represented by 3D MASTER Co., Ltd, consultants in the subcommittee: Transportation Engineering, Construction, Maritime

Subdivision: Cars, tractors and special vehicles

Discipline: Heat engine, fuel

In each chapter, with the participation of a great many scientists and experts, the experts have provided useful contributions and exchanges of useful information for the authors in their fields of study, From there, we can continue to study more deeply, contributing to the development of science and technology.

The conference honored and gifted the teachers who were awarded the title of People's Teacher, Teacher of Merit, Professor, Associate Professor in 2017.

Flagship for the host of the XII Conference in 2019 - Water Resources University

Prof. Pham Van Chuong - Vice Rector said

The XI Tactical Engineering and Technology Conference 2018 took place and was a great success. This is an activity organized by the Motivational Club for the purpose of bringing scientists, staff and lecturers together to discuss and draw experiences to complete their researches. At the same time, it opens up new research directions and creative ideas, contributing to boosting the scientific research activities of the school in particular and developing the country's science and technology in general.

Representatives take souvenir photos

In the framework of the conference, delegates visited the school's facilities and experimental forest.

 At this year's conference, 3D MASTER Co., Ltd. delivers the world's most innovative 3D imaging technology , the Creaform / Canada / G7 HandyScan 700 Handheld Scanner, and 3D models of state-of-the-art SLA technology. High precision applications for industries related to mechanical dynamics of Vietnam,




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