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3D Coordinate Measuring Machine Accretech XYZAX AXCEL RDS

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine Accretech XYZAX AXCEL RDS

Technical Specifications:

- Brand: Accretech

- Highest precision class

- Maximum allowable length measurement error:

E0, MPE: 1.8 + 3L/1000 μm

- A newly developed bridge with high rigidity provides the highest accuracy in its class

- Temperature conditions: 18 to 22 ℃

- Maximum drive speed: 700 mm/second

- Maximum acceleration: 2300 mm/second²

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine Accretech XYZAX AXCEL RDS


Contact Details:

Website: https://3dmaster.com.vn
Hotline/Zalo/LINE/Telegram/WhatsApp/Viber/Kakaotalk: +84 982 089 198 | 0986333960
Email: cuong3dmaster@gmail.com | hung3dmaster@gmail.com | tech3dmaster@gmail.com

"The remarkable speed is achieved by a newly developed driving mechanism, with a maximum drive speed of 700 mm/second.

The maximum acceleration is 2300 mm/second².

The controller for each axis employs a newly developed driving mechanism to enable high-speed and stable transmission.

The shift from the previously used belt drive method to the newly developed drive system significantly improves flexibility.

This new driving mechanism increases the drive speed by 64% and the acceleration capability by 35% (compared to our previous models).

The new mechanism helps reduce the total time required for measurement, significantly enhancing measurement efficiency.

Enhanced environmental resistance:
Temperature range to ensure accuracy: 15 to 30°C *1

A newly designed cover is used to prevent the X and Y axis guide rails from being directly affected by temperature changes.

Furthermore, by applying a structure designed to prevent deformation of the work table due to temperature changes, XYZAX AXCEL minimizes the impact of temperature changes. It supports a wide accuracy range from 15 to 30°C *1 while maintaining high precision.

This temperature range ensures accuracy and helps save costs on temperature control in the measurement room.

*1 RDS type standard. PH type is optional.

Equipped with 2-axis RDS rotary head and VAST XXT scanning probe:
The 2-axis RDS rotary head rotates ± 180° horizontally or vertically at an angle of 5.0°, allowing for a maximum of 5,184 sample positions. When combined with the VAST XXT scanning probe, XYZAX AXCEL RDS can perform high-precision oscillating scan measurements at various angles. A non-contact LineScan 2 laser sensor is also available as an option. It is useful when you want to shorten preparation time by measuring surfaces or conducting reverse engineering by collecting mass point cloud data."

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