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3D 285 models of ABS plastic, motorcycles

3D 285 models of ABS plastic, motorcycles

In May, 3D MASTER has surpassed all 3d scanning and 3d printing companies in Vietnam to put pen picks for 3D printing services with a large corporation in Vietnam. With strict requirements on precision as well as fine finish according to the purpose of use, especially the delivery time of "unbelievable" sample is 15 days of delivery 285 samples, the bed as the owner has created so many problems that Other 3D technology companies do not take breaks. 3D MASTER has made a difference with the prestige associated with equipment - 3D printing technology in Vietnam. We completed the project over 4 days.

Here are some photos handed 3D printing samples to the customer's site:

in 3d mẫu nhựa abs

3D Printing Project A large series of resin models are ABS with large size

in 3d abs

Transfer 285 samples of 3D ABS to customers

in 3d abs đẹp mịn

3D printing series of ABS resin assemblies

in 3d xe máy oto

In 3D technology SLA material Resin beautiful smooth motorcycle oto

in 3d trong suốt

Transparent 3D prints

in 3d kính

3D glass print patterns

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