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Zortrax Inventure

  • Product code: 3DP- 3

Zortrax Inventure is a professional and smart 3D printer. This product is for professionals looking for a perfect quality printer with many new features automatically, print all products, meet all requirements for 3D printing.
Zortrax Inventure brings new technology DSS (Dissolvable Support System), which is understood as a system supporting the dissolution of excess material. Starting now, you can print a part or whole of the movement mechanism in one print. With solvent water, DSS is the only solution that will save you time. Just put the objects after printing into water, the print product will appear with a nice smooth surface.

  • Printing Technology: LPD integrated DSS
  • Product size: 140 x 140 x 140 mm
  • The thickness between the printed media layers is: 90-400 microns
  • Can print thin products: 400-800 microns
  • Accuracy of displacement in X / Y direction: 1.5 microns
  • Z coordinate accuracy: 1.25 microns
  • Selectable media: Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-SUPPORT
  • Interactive file types: .stl, .obj, .dxf
  • Leica distotm d110 distance measuring instrument
  • Leica distotm laser distance measuring device d2
    distance measuring device bosch glm 100 c
Price: < 6659 $
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Zortrax 3D Inventure is the latest Zortrax model. The machine is capable of rapid prototyping of products with very nice surface, high accuracy. High performance, no problems during rapid prototyping. At the same time Zortrax has designed the machine with the ability to integrate more modern features, smarter than the previous model M200 & M300.

Working temperature: max. Nozzle temperature: 380 ° C (716 ° F) / Built-in boiler for stable working temperature / 110 ° C (230 ° C) ° F)

Synchronization software: Z-SUITE / Interactive files: .stl .obj .dxf / Background: Mac OS X / Windows XP / Win7 / Win8 ...

More information: SD card included

2- Package includes machine and accessories included standard:

Zortrax Inventure

3- Video on the 3D printer Zortrax Inventure:

4- Request Demo Machine, Product Inspection Printing: Please contact 3D MASTER CO., LTD