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Software export Scan 3d to CAD Creaform VXmodel

  • Product code: 3DSW-3

File output software supported from Scan 3D to CAD Creaform VXmodel

General introduction

VXmodel is a high-end processing software directly integrated into Creaform's application software platform, VXelements, which enables complete 3D scanning data to be used directly in any CAD software or 3D printing software. VXmodel provides the most powerful yet simple tools for processing data from 3D scanning to 3D design or rapid prototyping.

VXmodel  is simple but powerful software that includes the features needed to create additional databases for CAD software and is a great addition to Creaform 3D scanners. VXmodel provides the tools needed to quickly integrate into the reverse engineering process. 

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Features and benefits.

Because it's built into VXelements, VXmodel builds the mesh from the scanned data. Thanks to this feature, your scan file is completed quickly and then transferred to the CAD design process.

VXmodel provides the essential tool, using a simple but effective way to process 3D scanned data for reverse engineering or 3D printing.

Tools available: Filling holes Patch net refined (refined / refined) smoothing net Smoothing / edge protruding | Translucent (Shell / Offset) grid Make the net transparent Chia / Mesh | Include grid Other tools

VXmodel is equipped with flexible tools to adjust 3D files into a frame of reference using data / objects that match the requirements of the design. VXmodel also allows users to arrange the mesh together or align the mesh on a CAD model.

  • Available tools: Align root matches Other tools

Geometric objects and cross-sections
Use a 3D scan file as a reference to output all the required parameters from the point mesh. Dividing the mesh into all the objects needed to complete the design on CAD software with VXmodels' friendly and flexible interface.

Available tools: Cross section | Curve Multi-edge | Flat Round Cylinder Other tools

  • Faces with no specific geometry (NURBS surface)

VXmodels makes it easy to create surfaces without a specific geometry to describe the characteristics of the amorphous surface for later use with CAD software. With powerful algorithms and an intuitive interface, the automatic surface function produces high quality NURBS surfaces and is fully sealed.

Tools available: Auto Surface | Single patch


Process from scanning to simple CAD with VXmodels

VXmodels are integrated with the Creaform 3D scanner, providing what you need: the simplest and fastest way from 3D scanning to CAD or other manufacturing auxiliary operations..

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