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Service Scan 3d chassis electric motor types,

Service Scan 3d chassis electric motor types,

You are a company specialized in producing molds and various kinds of Zig welding fixtures, you are getting the tens of thousands of products that are chassis based electric motors available, so you will definitely choose 3D MASTER to Comparisons in the standard 3D scanning pattern,

quét 3d khung sắt

Equipped with the high-precision 30-micron HandyScan700 3D scanner from Canada, 3D MASTER always performs the job as quickly as possible, producing the most accurate results,

Portable HandyScan 700 scan 3d 3d scanner The average black glossy chassis takes 1.5 hours. To achieve this achievement, the 3D MASTER uses a magneto-type point-and-click sticker that resembles a particular type of magnet that adheres to a metal sample, used repeatedly without sacrificing functionality. This is the most distinctive feature of the company than the other devices are not.

scan 3d các loại khung xe

 Another remarkable technological feature is the 3D MASTER, which owns a portable battery that allows 3d scanning tasks to be easier anywhere, even where there is no power source. This battery allows you to perform 3d model scan within 8 hours in a row to charge. Once the 3D chassis has been scanned, the 3D MASTER will extract the point cloud or STL file to continue the reverse design. With a prototype such as a chassis, the 3D MASTER will take as long as two days to complete the 3D drawing of the step, igs, X_T, and image proofs for accuracy when copying samples.

quét 3d khung xe máy

From these design results, customers can get the solder joint design dimensions, or die design, etc.

scan 3d khung xe oto

So the quality of 3d scanning is very important, this is the input to a whole process of production technology later, so the choice of equipment is the prestigious 3D scanner G7 origin is what customers should. careful assessment. Results of 3d scans of large samples should be performed by high quality 3d scanners for the most accurate results.. 

QC kiểm tra 3d thiết kế khung sắt

QC- check 3D design with color scheme

Kết quả thiết kế ngược khung thép

The results of file transfer is a 3D drawing assembled to test the fabrication of Zig welding, more than 60 individual drawings for customers to design dies, color charts, quality control 3d scan and reverse design. All completed in 2 days.

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