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SCAN 3D Lam Ha monument

Temple of 10 Lam Ha girls
Referring to Lam Ha place, it is referring to the unforgettable memories of a time of fierce bombing during the years of our people's resistance to the US to save the country. The old Lam Ha commune (now Lam Ha ward, Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province) was an important traffic hub, on the arterial route from the North rear, providing human and material resources to the front lines. the South, became the target of fierce attacks by the enemy.
In order to protect Phu Ly town and the surrounding areas, on August 5, 1965, Lam Ha Commune Air Defense Militia Company was established, consisting of 87 people, who were young militia girls who were not afraid of difficulties. fearing sacrifices, fighting resolutely, contributing to breaking the intention of the US imperialists to escalate and ravage the North. Lam Ha artillery field in the past was a very important defense line, keeping traffic smooth by the iron bridge across the Chau River and a train station in the middle of Phu Ly town that day.
In the early days of the war, female militiamen aged from 16 to 24 from Dinh Trang and Duong Am villages bravely fought and died on firecrackers...
In the land of Lam Ha now, 10 heroic girls have become sacred symbols, the "10 steel flowers" immortal in the hearts of the people.

In April 2021, 3D MASTER CO., LTD was selected as the contractor to deploy #SCAN3D cluster of 10 female Lam Ha militia martyrs made of earth in 4 days with high accuracy requirements to calculate materials and costs. CNC stone carving, especially requires urgent time to save money on maintenance and maintenance of earth monuments due to the influence of rainy weather. 3D MASTER Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the job with the #SCAN3D solution which is a HandySCAN Black Elite handheld 3d laser scanner, made in Ceaform, Canada.

After 1 year, until April 2022, 3D MASTER CO., LTD continues to receive the #SCAN3D task of the monument of 10 female Lam Ha militia martyrs made of stone within 2 days with high accuracy requirements in order to calculate and complete the work. project collection. The implementation was quick and successful with the combination of many new modern SCAN3D technology solutions such as HandyScan Black Elite and F6 smart handheld laser 3D scanning technology. This result is highly appreciated by investors. And it is also a turning point marking the sensitive adaptability raising 3D technology capabilities of 3D MASTER CO., LTD today.

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