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Powder coating scan3d, spray scan3d, spray scan3d,

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3D MASTER specializes in supplying scan3d, markers for 3d scanning, 3d markers for scanning, scan3d, scan3d, 3d, ... and comprehensive accessories in scan3d technology for customers. Thoroughly solve the problem of technology

Price: < 5 $
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When you scan 3D you will need a special anti-reflective coating.

This 3d scan coating features:

  • Suitable for scanning industrial, dental and more.
  • The dust is very thin
  • Use 3D Scan spray with thin dust to save money
  • The ability to spray mist slightly thin layer full surface of the product
  • Anti-glare and easy to clean
  • Best selling products in Europe, North America. Now in Vietnam!
  • Manufactured specifically for 3D scanning
  • No acetone, does not affect health
  • bột phủ scan3d

    Giấy dán điểm scan3d, markers for 3d scanning, Paper markers for 3d scanning, hộp xịt scan3d, bột xịt scan3d, bột phủ scan3d


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