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3D Printing Zortrax: Z-ULTRAT

  • Product code: 3DPO-3

This versatile material allows you to create exactly the same prototype of the same machine as the product in the injection molding technology.


  • Print the product prototype
  • Print many prototype shell for testing
  • Print the product when the output is not high
  • Print consumer product samples
  • Print parts in mechanical engineering
  • In-mold simulation
  • Print products need to be durable and stable over time use
Price: < 100 $
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Z-ULTRAT is a versatile material suitable for 3D printing of a variety of object models. 3D objects with Z-ULTRAT have a strong mechanical, stable and high abrasion resistance. The Z-ULTRAT attribute is suitable for use in sample evaluation prior to commencement of mass production.


  • Form: roll
  • Hardness: high
  • Elasticity: Medium
  • Load-bearing capacity: Medium
  • Tensile Strength: Low
  • Shrinkage: Low
  • Ability to allow mechanical processing: Yes
  • Ability to process chemicals: Yes
  • Net Weight: 800 g (+/- 5%)

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