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3D printer special materials

  • Product code: 3DP-10

3D Printer Special Materials Carbon M2 is a 3D printer manufactured by Carbon Company, based in the United States. M2 is the second 3D printer introduced by Carbon,

Ability to print 3d samples: 189mm x 118mm x326mm

Resolution: 75 μm

Exclusive Carbon Technology: DLS


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Carbon3D's unique technology:
The DLS (Digital Light Synthesis) technology, developed by Carbon, is a breakthrough technology that utilizes digital optical projection, oxygen absorption, and liquid resin. Programmable for 3D printing of parts with characteristics. Excellent mechanics, excellent resolution and high quality surface.

Some special 3D printing applications are as follows:

Rigid, Versatile RPU Tough Rope Frames

in 3d vật liệu cứng rắn

in 3d cứng

Very high elastic material printed in adidas soles adidas EPU Highly Elastic, Tear Resistant, Resilient

in 3d dai

in 3d dẻo

Good resistance to impact in the shell FPU 3d Fatigue Resistant, Impact Resistant, Flexible

in 3d silicone

Introduction to 3D Media Specialty Materials: Carbon M2