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3d person scan system

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The 3D-Scamera One + (Made in: Germany)  is a 3D scanner / 3D scanner system (3D imaging) of the human body based on imaging technology. In contrast to the usual Scan 3d technology, when scanning people to stand still / freeze for a long time, with this 3d scanner, the model is comfortable in time with standing time. in front of the camera lens. The model will capture 3D-size data and more than that, get the subtle color digitization data anywhere in the body in very simple space, close to every familiar STUDIO.

The main component of the system is a 125-megapixel camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels, which captures real-world 3D models in just under one second. 

The 3D-Scamera One +  is a full-body 3D scanner based on the photogrammetric process. In contrast to scanners using depth sensors, which require people to 'freeze' a relatively long time for scanning, the 3D-scammer makes snapshots in a casual atmosphere or special poses possible. 
125 cameras which each have a resolution of 8 megapixels (1 gigapixel altogether) capture a complete image of the scanned person with a single shot (1/4 of a second).

Price: < 50000 $
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Here are some of the innovative technologies that create the best 3D images of the Scamera One + 3D modeling system,

1 / Noise canceling technology

The 3d model of the 3D-camera scanner is optimized to remove bad-spot, point-to-edge noise from 3D surfaces or complex surface structures using the light-emitting densifying technology. Fast, repeatable for complex areas in just one shot

2 / Technology to produce results quickly

The results of 3D capture will be displayed automatically through the dynamic image on the computer display 3D scanning system so customers can choose the right 3D image.

3 / Scan3d file editing technology

The result of this 3D human-capture system is that the data is fully compatible with many of the commonly used processing software on the market and has been optimized for almost negligible editing.

4 / Design is very friendly 

Unlike the current Scan 3d models, the 3D-Camera system pioneered the creation of a 3D scanning system with a 3D scanner, a standard designed for photographers, or a sense of security. Model safety lever in front of the lens. The system is extremely flexible, lightweight, easy to install - just 15 minutes. So that the system can bring any event, conference or party ... to digitize, store every moment of the customer.


Photos / Scan

125 x 8 mega-pixels (One) plus 125 x 8 megapixels (One +)

Scan speed

1/60 sec. (One), 0.25 sec. overall (One +)

3D output

2,4M faces, 1,2M vertices

Scan dimensions

1,0x1,3x2 m

Floor space

2,4x2,7 m

Set up

2 hours in less than ½ hour

Power specification

85 ~ 264 VAC, 16 A / 230 VAC

Pack size

220x60x100 cm, 200 kg

15 Minutes Set-Up

The 3D-Scamera's mobility as a result of its very quick assembly and disassembly is among its outstanding features.

The 3D 3D Scan results of the system are as follows:


We work with our 3D Scammer and made hundreds of scans, including their post-processing and printing. Here are some examples

results scan 3d people

3D MASTER provides a complete installation solution of a 3d modeling system (3D scan3d system) to customers who are 3D Studio rooms and individuals interested in the following steps:

1 / Hardware installation and connection (15 minutes)

2 / Install the software on the computer (i3 or i5) connect the 3D capture system driver

3 / Training manual using the system

4 / Manual software to edit results after 3D capture

5 / Export 3D files to directly print 3D color products

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