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Dịch vụ Quét 3D với ánh sáng an toàn để lấy kích thước 3D vùng xương sọ tổn thương

An elderly Romani couple with three children living in Vietnam. I traveled from Romania to Vietnam to seek technology, people ... can combine and implement ideas to help the eldest son. His eldest son has lived in Vietnam for about 10 years. He is an English teacher in our country. A long time ago he had an accident and had to perform a skull surgery. After five months, the skull area has been diluted and the piece is not fit anymore. He needs surgery in Vietnam to replace the new bone. His father was a Romanian mechanical engineer, who was seeking technology for his son. Because with X-ray scans, it can cause unnecessary complications ... And you have found a 3D Scan solution ... Your family has actively contacted me through some relationship to exchange. . At first someone will think it is difficult to do. But to me, I think it's a hand in hand in Vietnam. I have researched to find the best solution for you. My scientific background is: I can get all 3D dimensions of the specimen with a 3D scanner with high accuracy to meet the requirements of the main surgeon, as well as the mechanical details needed to mount. Multiplication has certain tolerances that I have done a lot. My second goal is to study the safety that light emanates from a 3D scanner. Many ideas appear in my head. I have contacted my friends in the field of optics, or on the internet looking for technical information on lighting types ... and I have enough evidence to say I will do. I have a 3D scanner with a light source like white light bulbs that doctors use to light up during surgery.

3D Scan technology is great. If you know it, then do a lot of work around you. In medical science, Scan 3D will help to copy geometric shapes of hand bones, leg ... reproduce, reverse design to alternative products to support effectively for bone surgery ... not only in humans but also pet pet ...

Once you have a 3D design from Scan 3D you will use 3D printing technology to quickly print to the item, using it with the prototype size you just copied from any object such as the hand bone, leg , ...

From now on, any patient will be able to graft patches of bone in time and accurately with his or her bones, without the need for a piece of powder or any piece of old technology.

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