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Creaform MetraScan Black,

  • Mã sản phẩm: 3DS6

Máy Scan 3D cầm tay chính xác nhất, nhanh nhất, chuyên dụng cho đo lường công nghiệp,

- Khả năng scan3D: mọi kích thước, mọi màu sắc đen bóng mà không cần phủ bột, đo 3D mẫu bất kể mọi rung động môi trường

- Độ chính xác: 25 micro

- Tốc độ: 1,800,000 measurements/s

- Nguồn sáng: ánh sáng xanh- 15 blue laser crosses (+ 1 extra line)

- Có mọi chứng nhận đo lường quốc tế

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MetraSCAN 3D

Discover the fastest and most accurate 3D scanner and portable CMM for shop floor environments

Faster 3D scanning

The MetraSCAN 3D features 15 laser crosses and a high measurement rate to accelerate 3D scanning processes. Thanks to quick setup and onboarding, real-time scans and ready-to-use files, your 3D scanning workflow will never have been faster.

  • High measurement rate
    1,800,000 measurements/second
  • Large scanning area for all types of parts
    15 laser crosses
  • Ultra-quick setup
    No warm-up time; users can be up-and-running in less than 5 minutes

Impressive shop floor accuracy

Free from any rigid measurement setup requirements, the MetraSCAN 3D is designed specifically for use on shop floors. It delivers accurate results, regardless of the measurement setup quality and user experience level. Thanks to the C-TrackTM optical tracker that enables dynamic referencing, the scanner, the part and the optical tracker can move during inspection and still provide accurate measurements.

  • Accuracy
    0.025 mm (0.0009 in)
  • Volumetric accuracy
    0.064 mm (0.0025 in)
  • Reliable acceptance tests
    Based on VDI/VDE 2634 Part 3 standard
    ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
  • Shop floor accuracy with dynamic referencing
    Measurement accuracy insensitive to environmental instabilities
    High resolution
    Measures all types of complex and highly detailed parts

Unmatched versatility

Highly versatile, the MetraSCAN 3D can be used to scan various part sizes and surface finishes in real time—all with the same device.

With its extendable measurement volume, parts of any shape, complexity, and geometry can be measured easily without loss in accuracy or requiring leapfrog.

  • Blue laser technology
    Ideal for shiny and reflective surfaces
  • Large and easily extendable measurement volume
    Wider than other portable CMMs
    No leapfrog required
  • Optional HandyPROBE
    Combination of both 3D scanning and probing
    No targets required